Why Writing Is Useful for Designers

6 Reasons Designers Must Perfect Writing Skills

1. Share ideas with the community

2. Explain the product to your client

  • Emotional: You should present product features and explain how consumers feel using them.
  • Environmental: A lot of apps and similar products need to respect the environmental effect. For instance, commuters often find themselves in the crowd of other people, so the products they use have to respect this factor.
  • Social: What do other people think about product users? Does it make them look cool or extravagant? Make sure to explain this when presenting your design.

3. Writing helps you grow follow base

  • SocialPilot: It’s a simple cost-effective social media management tool for teams and agencies.
  • Australian Writings: This agency specializes in SEO writing and creating keyword strategies that promise to improve website ranking relatively quickly.

4. Kickstart a business

5. Become a key opinion leader

6. Writing gives you alternative design ideas


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