Why a Graphic Design Course Is Great for Logo Designing

Logos are essential for every business. It’s a representation of their brand, which is why companies pay lots of money to hire people who can create an excellent logo for them. If you want to be a logo designer, you need to start by taking a graphic design course. Doing sketches and doodles isn’t enough to become successful in this field.

Here are some good reasons why taking a graphic design course is beneficial for future logo designers:

Why a Graphic Design Course Is Great for Logo Designing
Why a Graphic Design Course Is Great for Logo Designing

You could say that creating a logo is an art form that allows the designer to express the kind of branding that a company wants. It’s the designer’s job to create something that represents what the business is all about in a creative but simple manner. To do this, you need to know the elements involved in creating logos such as:

  • Illustrations — Illustrations make logos look more fun and creative. These are the shapes that form pictures to embody the brand name.
  • Typography — Typography involves a stylish or creative way of designing words. The font style is crucial because it can affect the impact of the logo. If you put too many flourishes, it might make it unreadable and messy while keeping it too simple might make it too dull.
  • Colors — You can’t just pick out your favorite color when creating colors. Different colors evoke different emotions. For example red, represents anger, but it also stirs urgency and hunger which is why many fast food chains have red in their logos.

Logos can be in the form of illustrations or typography or a combination of both. For example, the Burger King logo has both illustration and text. The words Burger and King is the patty in between two burger buns. It’s simple, yes, but it represents the fast food chain well.

You’ll learn about commercial graphic design.

Commercial graphic design is an applied graphic art that involves marketing and advertising. Aside from learning how to design graphics, you’ll learn how to use those basic skills to relate them to businesses, just like when you design logos for companies.

When creating logos, or other graphics for a business, it has to be concerning the company’s brand. If you’re designing a logo, you have to do your research and meet with the company personnel, so you know their expectations. Sometimes, you’ll also face lots of rejections and redesigns until the person of authority approves your design.

Why a Graphic Design Course Is Great for Logo Designing
Why a Graphic Design Course Is Great for Logo Designing

Most graphic designers today use modern technology to create their designs. The world is high-tech now, so as a logo designer, you also need to adapt to the changes, especially if it makes your job easier. Some of the software you can use includes:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Xara Designer Pro X
  • CorelDraw

If you can’t afford to pay for the ones above yet, you can try free software. Once you master those, and you’re earning enough money, you can now invest in the paid software. The free software is beneficial indeed, but they don’t come with as many tools as paid ones. It’s because the latter is premium, and they offer the maximum features which can drastically improve your designs.

Modern technology is so advanced that a computer can do a lot of basic human tasks such as simple mathematics and language translation, faster than people. There’s also a common belief of the likelihood of robots replacing humans in different jobs.

The skills you’ll learn in a graphic design course is something that computers or artificial intelligence can’t do. Machines can only do calculated methods according to algorithms, but they can never recreate the complexity of the human mind. Your ideas, creativity, and imagination are yours.

Most designers rely on their pure talent to become graphic designers. A lot of them had artistic hobbies such as sketching, drawing, or painting since they were kids. Then, it developed over time, and they continue to improve their skills especially if they decided to use their hobby for a future career.

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