Why a Call to Action is so Important

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3 min readMay 12, 2020

We all want visitors to our website, and we want them to have a pleasant experience, but we also want them to perform certain actions such as clicking a certain button that leads to an action we want the user to complete this is known as a Call To Action, so in this article we discuss Why a Call to Action Is So Important?

Let’s be honest; we all like to push buttons. The right button appeals to our interests, our motivations, or our concerns. The right button can solve a problem, guide us, or provide us with new information. The right button screams “push me! There is something marvelous waiting for you on the other side.” Call to Action buttons come in countless forms and shapes, and in today’s online world we find them on literally every page.

Believe it or not, some people’s only job is to figure out how to get us to push the right buttons. Getting website visitors to do what they want them to do can be quite a challenge. Therefore, we want to discuss how you can make sure that your buttons lead to the desired outcome.

A business website’s power comes down to how well it can convert a prospective lead into a loyal customer, or even better, a long term client. Blog posts that have never been read, newsletters that have not been signed up for, or shopping carts that have been abandoned before any order was placed; they all have two things in common.

First of all, it is frustrating. It’s so incredibly frustrating. You put in hours of hard work and effort, which in the end does not lead anywhere. Secondly, the “Call to Action button” hasn’t been pressed, or maybe, yes maybe, it didn’t even exist to begin with.

Let’s change that. If you have ever struggled to get your audience to take action, you will be surprised at what compelling Calls to Action can do to improve your conversion rate almost overnight.

So, what is a Call To Action?

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We hope you enjoy reading about Why a Call to Action Is So Important, use the the tips we have suggested and implement them on your own website.

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