What To Include In a Great Graphic Design Portfolio

  • How your wanting to guide the prospective employer through the body of work?
  • How will you communicate your design skills with the right amount of information?
  • How much time and money do you have to create the portfolio?
  • Look through your available projects you can add and try out different combinations– consider, with each combination, what this shows to your potential employer. You should ask a valued peer what they think of the different combinations as well. Remember there might be a whole design team looking through your portfolio — all with their varying critiques of certain bits of work. If you keep questioning one particular piece of work then remove it!
  • You need to think how you want your portfolio to look — you do not want the portfolio to be more impressive than the actual work and it needs to look really smart. Think clean and simple use white space to draw attention to the portfolio pieces don’t over crowd your portfolio its about the work!.
  • As mentioned above the design of your portfolio should not distract from the content — it should always be content driven!.
  • Like a lot of good design in your industry — the design of your portfolio needs to appear simple. Using flash to show off your skills is not a good idea. It’s about COMMUNICATION!
  • You should also have your portfolio available in different formats — print and web being the main ones. They should be consistent and complimentary.
  • Prepare the portfolio in the same chronological order as shown in your CV, preferably in reverse order i.e. most recent projects first then backwards from there.
  • For any portfolio you prepare to be sent electronically, avoid creating too large a document. No more that 6 Mb, otherwise the receiving server may reject it because of size.
  1. Great design portfolios need to show a compelling ‘design process’ from a project’s beginnings through to completion.
  2. It needs to ideally show rich ‘stories’ about people. Not the ‘consumer’, but the human being. Consider the language used by the world’s greatest designers and how they attempt to improve the world through good design.
  3. We would prefer to see folio’s that are clear, understandable and a pleasure to go through. Certainly think about how you might present this and this could be PDF, PowerPoint, web or a movie.
  • How do I get a job in graphic design?
  • What do employers look for in a portfolio?
  • How many pieces should I include?
  • What should I show in my portfolio to get a job in graphic design?



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