The question of how much does logo design cost has been debated by both clients and designers alike for decades. In recent history, the cost of popular brand logo designs has ranged from zero to millions. However, the more important issue everyone should be considering is the value logo design offers a business. It may be hard to agree on a universal monetary value for professional logo design. Yet, there are several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. Logo design is not a commodity after all, despite what all those online logo makers are trying to do. Below are 4 benefits of professional logo design.

First of all, it’s important to consider where the logo will be used. For most businesses, a logo is placed on everything from a website to business cards, signage, mobile apps, products, and advertising. So, it is critical that the logo functions well in small and large applications. It must also be effective in the long run. The last thing a business needs, especially one with limited resources, is to incur more expenses for a logo redesign and reproduction of media and materials. So consider how valuable it is to invest in professional logo design to reduce that risk.

This figure will vary depending on the size and/or budget of the business. For instance, a startup looking for a logo design that will go on their new catalog receives two logo design quotes: one for $500 and one for $5,000. They plan on spending $100,000 in printing costs. The lower estimate is very affordable. However, the perceived value and quality may seem low and possibly not worth the risk of incurring more costs if the logo does not work out. On the other hand, the higher estimate may be perceived as having more value and quality. Plus, the cost only represents 5% of the printing budget. Thus, the startup may be suspicious of a low estimate and choose to invest more money into logo design to reduce risk. In the case of a small business with a small budget, $5,000 could mean an entire month of sales. Therefore, the less risky option could be the $500 quote. They may consider investing more in logo design in the future once the business grows. Regardless of the situation, professional logo design is a good way business can reduce the risk of extra expenses caused by an unsatisfactory logo.

Another way a professional logo proves its worth is by reducing the risk of making bad impressions. Keep in mind that a logo is the first thing customers see. It is the face, the identifier, the differentiator, the flag to rally under, and the introduction to a brand. So it plays a major role in how the public views a business. In a market saturated with competition, the stakes to stand out are quite high because businesses have only seconds to make a good impression. So businesses cannot afford to miss this opportunity. In fact, the amount of effort it takes to repair a bad impression is far greater. Weak and disorganized branding suggests the same about a business. A strong logo gives a business the attention it deserves and a chance to make a good and lasting impression.

When a business takes its identity seriously, customers will perceive it as being serious and reputable. Remember that the logo is the face of a business, so it must present the brand in a professional and meaningful way. Good logo design conveys an image of professionalism and trustworthiness. As a result, customers are more likely to engage the businesses. Building trust is not only important for attracting and converting customers, but also for retaining them. Studies have shown that existing customers are more likely to return and buy more. Loyal customers are also more likely to become brand advocates that provide valuable social proof to businesses. The logo will become the flag customers rally under and will also be associated with quality and trust.

Good logo design proves worthy when it has longevity. A professional logo designer knows how to create a logo that stands the test of time. Online logo makers allow users to design a logo using stock graphics and fonts. The end result though is generic and will likely need to be redesigned. They may be a good starting point for businesses with a tight budget. But they are certainly not a long-term solution. So avoid wasting valuable time, energy, and money in a temporary solution that does not offer much value in return.

There are specific goals a logo must accomplish to be successful. Constant redesigns not only waste time and money but also undermine customer confidence. Good logo design stays current for 10 to 20 years, or even longer. That is the mark of professional logo design. And if one considers the amortization of the cost of professional logo design over a 10-year period, then the investment seems even more reasonable.

There is plenty of evidence to prove what a good logo is worth. But if cost remains a concern, then shop around. There are a lot of independent designers out there. They can offer quality work at more competitive prices than a large branding agency. Each designer offers a unique aesthetic as well as different levels of experience, specialty, accolades, and fees. Do not simply hire the designer with the bargain price. Hire the designer with relevant industry experience that can deliver a worthy logo.

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