Ways in Which You Can Spruce Up Your Brand’s Logo

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The logo of a brand has a significant impact on the brand’s image. It decides how successful the business shall be in the future and draws its target audience to itself. In this article we discuss Ways in Which You Can Spruce Up Your Brand’s Logo.

A good logo always piques the interest of people and spurs them into action. That is why businesses that have long-term growth on their mind always invest in a graphic design team or outsource their work to a graphic design firm so that they can create them an appropriate logo for their brand.

Now that said, a good logo design must always have room for improvement. You must be careful that the designers you hire for your logo design do not create a logo that has an air of finality about itself.

Your business shall grow and expand with time. It shall branch out in different directions and start offering many more services and products than what it does today.

Therefore, your logo must also evolve along with the evolving nature of your business.

That said, most designers often find themselves in a cul-de-sac while trying to spruce a brand’s logo up. Also, more often than not, designers might not be able to get the logo right in the first shot.

As such, it becomes imperative to make a few tweaks to the design so that the logo stays relevant in the long term and continues to grab the eyeballs of the business’s target audience.

In this article, we shall look at a few ways in which you, a designer, can spruce your logo up and make it stick in the long run.

Go Minimal

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Minimalism is not just a great way to live but also a brilliant marketing strategy. People do not have all the time on their hands to decipher the meaning of every element in a logo.

In fact, the more crowded your logo looks, the more it will drive your potential customers away. Therefore, the best way to redesign your logo is by stripping it down.

This does not mean that you have to do away with all the elements that you had earlier incorporated in the design.

What we mean is that the logo must be simple and do away with the elements that do not serve any purpose. You must not include something only because it looks good.

Every element that you use in the design, like the font, colour and symbols, must imply a meaning as well as complement each other. A simple design resonates with people better than a busier design.

Try to figure out the elements that are excess or not required in your logo, and do away with them. This way, you can provide your logo with the required edge to make it more impactful.

Try Changing the Font

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The font of a logo is one of the most important elements, and you can change the overall look and feel of your logo simply by changing the font. This is probably the subtlest and most inexpensive fix for your logo.

Most designers opt for a new font when they are satisfied with every other element in the logo. However, even if you are not satisfied with the logo you designed earlier and need a quick fix that would not cost you much, opting for a new font can seal the deal.

Picking a new font means your logo has the best of everything. Most graphic design services opt for this quick and simple fix when everything else about the logo looks good.

From signs and symbols to colours and typography, everything on the logo complements each other once you have changed the font. Plus, it is extremely lucrative to make tweaks to your logo if you have a budget constraint to stick to.

When picking up a new font, ensure to choose something that resonates with people and is legible enough. If you go for a font that looks good but is not easily readable, you might end up ruining your logo.

Change the Colour Palette

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The next thing that you can do to make a few changes to your logo for the better is to opt for a different colour palette. You do not have to change all the colours in the logo.

This might make it difficult for your customers to recognize the brand or relate to it. However, changing a few colours and using some more generously can make your logo more impactful and relevant to the ideals of your business.

In fact, a little change like enhancing the vibrancy and the saturation of the colours without changing the palette can also transform the overall look of your logo.

Changing the colour of your logo is also an incredibly frugal way of tweaking your logo. You get to keep every element of the logo and only play with the colours in a way that reflects the motto of your brand in a better way.

Remember to Strike a Balance

In a bid to incorporate the idea of minimalism into your logo, do not discard the essential elements. When redesigning or tweaking your logo, make sure you follow a balanced approach.

Strip your logo down to the basics in a way that you have all the essential elements, yet the logo looks neat and simple. More often than not, designers fail to understand the true meaning of minimalism and, in order to create a clean logo, do away with the essential elements.

Therefore, once you get the chance to make small tweaks to your logo, ensure that you have adopted a balanced approach.

Summing Up

Your logo must reflect your brand’s ideals and mission. Therefore, while designing your logo, use symbols, colours and fonts that do the same.

You don’t always have to splurge or overindulge your logo. You can work on a budget and come up with the best logo too. The same holds true when you take on the job of sprucing your logo up.

The aforementioned points are just a few ways in which you can tweak your logo and change it for the better. However, you can do some research of your own and come up with more ways to do the same.

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