Understanding Design Strategy for Effective Graphic Design for Clients

Defining Business Goals and Its Personality

Logos for the Win

  • The Logo Should get Your Audience’s Attention
  • Strong First Impression is Key
  • It’s Your Brand’s Identity Support
  • It Should Stand Out
  • Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitions
  • It Should Encourage Brand Loyalty

Deliver a Strong Message in a Cool Fashion

Key Visuals


Content Management Systems

Incorporate SEO Graphic Design

  • Avoid Using Stock Photography: Always use high-quality images. Unique pictures, like people’s facial expressions, are more personalized and inspiring.
  • Eliminate Sliders: Sliders tend to have lower click-through rates as compared to other graphic design elements. Sliders usually push down essential content that an online user used to enter your website, which can hurt your business. They’re like advertisements that can be a nuisance to your visitors.
  • Content Above the Fold: Your content should be seen immediately whenever an online user opens your web page.
  • Use Call-to-action (CTA) Buttons: CTAs prompt and inspire visitors to do something, directing them on the next actionable step they need to do. Some examples include “Click here” or “Get 10% off Signing Up.”



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