Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2021

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2 min readJan 13, 2021

Last year was not the best year and it’s been challenging for everyone, after a less than ideal start to the new decade it’s already screaming for a rebrand itself. In this article we discuss the Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2021.

We have been researching logo design trends from designers we have interviewed from around the world and popular platform logo designers display their work.

In last year’s article for logo design trends for 2020 innovation was at a peak with the focus being on reinvention through new technologies, while this year it’s innovative with constraints. The world feels it and so do a lot of businesses around the world.

Some of these predictions will not be a surprise to you and it’s no secret that minimalism is continuing to be on the rise and each of these styles will be used in a minimalistic way.

When it comes to rebrands in 2021 brands will be playing it safe and thinking smart, relying a lot on old favourite design styles. You can also read our article about the top 17 brand design trends we’ll see in 2021.

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