Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2020

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10 min readJan 2, 2020

Innovation is at its peak now. As we are about to enter another new year, the design industry is showing no signs of the olden age anymore. Every year, there is something new to explore in this thriving industry. Logo design is one of such many areas of design that evolves every year to meet the needs of the business world. Lets take a look at the Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2020.

A logo is a crucial part of a brand’s image. It is one asset that is solely responsible for communicating the values, personality, and quality standards of businesses. It is the most visible symbol of a brand and gets printed on every product and service of a company.

We have been analyzing the course of logo design for a long time. Looking at the current position, we have chosen 20 logo design trends based on our past predictions. Some are developments in the past trends, while others are fresh stylistic choices that sensationally grab the eyes of the public at this point.

Top 20 logo design trends for 2020


In the last few years, gradients have become very modern and among the top in logo design trends, and the trend continues to rule in 2020. Gradients give logos more of a 3D effect, making the designs pop off the screen. Gradient logos are easy to remember and catchier as compared to colored logos. Designers are so much influenced by this trend that in the coming time, you can expect them to explore the full potential of gradients.

Retro Style Logos

10 Logo Designs That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it is commonly believed that what was once old is new again. The same holds true for design trends as well. In 2020, we are going to see a revival of the 80s throwback logos with lots of pixels, chromium, and neon.

Raw Hand-drawn logos

Coming right after the most popular trend of digital excellence, the mediocrity of raw hand-drawn logos and hand lettering logos holds great interest among individuals. Raw hand-drawn logos give an authentic and rustic appearance to brands. Since companies are going for more organic and natural products nowadays, raw hand-drawn logos can perfectly fit with their logo design requirements.

Thin line Logos

Thin Line Logo Design

In spite of being a little oversaturated, the trend of minimalism is not going anywhere. In fact, in 2020, it will continue to evolve and show up in various ways. We usually tend to relate minimalism with minimalistic compositions and monochrome colors, but through the use of linear shapes and elements, we are expecting to see it manifest shortly.

Overlapping logos

Overlaps in Logo Design

Overlapping is another simple yet effective logo design trend that is going to gain popularity in 2020. Overlapping may take place over a single shape or letter, or it may cover the whole original combination of elements. By using this trend, designers are pushing back flat and semi-flat designs. Although the hues and shapes will remain simple, with multi-layers, designers will be creating more complex logos that will help companies to convey more about their products or services. If you want to have an overlapping custom logo design for your brand, then hire a professional logo designer. We believe that sensitive stuff should be in the hands of designers who specialise in logo design like we do.

Daring typography

When it comes to logos, typography plays a crucial role. No matter how great your design is, if you have the wrong typography, it can destroy the whole design. Even Matthew Carter, a famous graphic designer, said, “Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.” In 2020, we are going to see a lot of logos that encompass funky designs supported by some daring fonts. Instead of choosing old standard fonts, designers are going to use some unexpected fonts we have never seen before.

Motion graphics and video

Google-loading-motion- Motion graphics and video In Logo Design

We usually think of logos to be still. But it’s time to evolve! Recently we have seen that motion graphics and videos have become an inseparable part of visual advertising, and the trend will continue to rule in 2020. To increase engagement, just like social media calls for more videos and motions, logos are no exception. Motions can be used to make logos more engaging in any digital platform.

Abstract logos

abstract logo design marks

From the past few years, a lot of brands are playing safe with colors within lines. But it’s time to move on! Undoubtedly grids help in guiding logo designs and ensure that the composition is visually balanced, but in 2020, we are likely to see a move towards more abstract logos. There will be more focus on loose and imaginative designs. You must be thinking that without using traditional grids, how can this trend be incorporated without being left with a messy logo? Well, to create abstract logos, you need to make sure that all the visual elements are distributed in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Responsive logos

Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2020 -Responsive Logo Design

Responsive design is something that can never go out of trend. Earlier we saw this trend for websites, but now it is gaining popularity in the logo scene as well. Responsive logos are those that shape-shift, change in dimensions, sizes, complexity, or even shades or colors to fit in wherever they are required to. These logos are bold and powerful and exhibit business expertise and innovation as leaders in their fields.

Symbolic shapes and icons

There is nothing new in using symbols in logo design. Big brands like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, etc. are already hosting symbolic logos for so many years. But in 2020, we are likely to see them more clearly and effortlessly blended into the rest of the designs. To get a subtle effect, you can incorporate symbols and icons in the typography of your logo. You can also use it in the background of your design.

Animated Cartoon Logos

Animated Cartoon Logos

Again, just like symbolic logos, animated logos are not new in the industry. But there is a difference now! Conventional animated logos were simple and to the point. But with the present development in technology, designers are now playing with details and making animations more artistic and elaborative. Today’s animated logos are more complex, interesting, and useful for companies that rely on them. The trend of such logos is not going anywhere. In fact, it is going to gain more popularity in 2020.

New Age Geometric Logos

Geometrical Shapes in Logo Design

The best thing about geometric shapes is that they simplify complicated images easily. And a logo is one such thing that needs to be simple so that it is recognizable, even if it is small in size. The traditional logos had more rigid and structured forms, but in 2020, the trend is to combine boldness with basics. In 2020, we are going to see geometric shaped logos with fun color palettes.

Metallic Logos

In 2020, the metallic logo trend is going to take center stage. Earlier the style was exclusively reserved for luxury brands. But now we will all get to see this trend everywhere. Metallic logos have a shiny metallic effect that can make a simple design stand out, and we guess this is what a brand requires from its logo.

Semi-transparent Elements Within Logos

Transparent logos are quite in and the trend is going to rule in 2020. Such logos not only look cool but also hold a vital message. By having a transparent logo, brands are communicating transparency, and transparency helps in building trust. Another advantage of having transparent logos is that you can experiment with a huge color palette.

Dynamic Logos

Dynamic Logos-The-City-of-Melbourne-logo

Dynamic logos are such types of logos that change depending upon the audience a brand is targeting. This makes sense if you think of it from a marketing perspective. If a brand wants to target various groups of audiences, its message has to reflect the needs of that audience. And what’s the best way to start other than with a logo? In 2020, we get to see more variable logos as they will allow brands to modify things, without abandoning the blueprint of their original logos.

Bright Colors

Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2020 - Bright Colours in Logo Design logo credit alex tass

In logo design, colors play a crucial role. It has a great effect on the psychology of the audience. Even science says that colors evoke emotions that can lead to positive, negative, or unmatched feelings. When it comes to logo design trends, in 2020, bright colors are going to take the center stage. Designers can use bright colors for any type of business. The best thing about bright colors is that it enhances the emotions a logo conveys.

Negative Space

Negative Space Logo Design

In art and design, negative space is the white space within and between the letters and pictures to create a new image. Using negative space is a simple way to make logos visually interesting. One of the brands that have perfectly made use of negative space in their logo is FedEx. Between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’, you will find a hidden arrow. The arrow symbolizes speed and accuracy. The trend of using negative space continues to be the trendiest for the coming years. So, don’t hesitate to use this trend in 2020 as it will always be a huge part of The Art of Logo Design

Double Initial Logos (Monogram)

Monogram logo

Monogram logos have been popular for so long now and such types of logos have already made their way in 2019, and the double initial trend continues to rule in 2020 as well. Double Initial logos can be an interesting way to symbolize a brand as there are plenty of variations in design and to make it a little artistic, designers can mix and match letters. Although such types of logos can be used by any industry, it can be the perfect choice for industries like restaurants, coffee shops, salons, and clothing brands.

Chaotically Arranged Logos

Chaotically Arranged Logos

This is another trend that hosted its second look in 2018 and continues to gain popularity in 2020.

In the new year within the logo design industry we will continue feel the wave of rebellion! An asymmetrical and chaotic arrangement is definitely the way to go to catching the consumers eye and instantly gaining memorability for your brand. This technique is so powerful because its so unique! Designers will continue to experiment with this technique to see what weird and wonderful marks they can create.

Use of Repetition

Humans like to see familiarities. It helps them retain certain things in their mind and connect to them easily. You can evoke that feeling by using repeated patterns in logo design. Studies have shown that repetition creates a sense of unity and connection. A sense of unity, in turn, evokes a sense of comfortable familiarity in the target audience. Using repetitive patterns doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment with creativity. It is just one of the ways to attract the attention of the audience, and hence this trend is going to grow in the next 12 months.


Logo design trends can provide a great way to breathe fresh life into your brand. However, before implementing anything, it’s vital to exercise caution. You surely don’t want to update anything big in your brand just for the sake of a trend. If you plan to implement any logo design trend, make sure that it represents your brand thoughtfully. We hope you have enjoyed this article about the Top 20 Logo Design Trends For 2020, and be sure to leave a comment of some other trends you think we will be seeing this year.

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