Top 19 Places To Find Logo & Branding Design Inspiration

Logo and Branding Design is a beautiful specialist process, unfortunately this process takes hours of research to land on a perfect solution that’s fit for purpose. In this article we share the Top 19 Places To Find Logo & Branding Design Inspiration.

Even us professionals sometimes find ourselves having creative block while trying to design something new for our clients. A lot of designers look at this as a problem and a bad thing but any true logo design professional will tell you that it’s the beauty of this industry finding inspiration and the perfect solution that’s the challenge we face as a logo and brand identity designer.

A lot of new and inexperienced logo designers, upon receiving a brief from a new client, will sit there waiting for inspiration to strike. The perfect concept idea for a logo design will not just magically appear fully formed within your mind.

Seeking out inspiration takes proactivity. Soaking up a variety of ideas from places you don’t expect, they will gradually come together to form a logo concept that’s worth exploring.

In this article you’ll find the Top 19 Places To Find Logo & Branding Design Inspiration that will boost your logo design creative process. However, this can never be an exhaustive list because inspiration can come from anything and anywhere at anytime.

Here are some resources to inspire your creativity:-

Possessing more than 200 billion pins (images), Pinterest contains the world’s largest repository of design images. Its 320 million monthly active users contribute to the growth of the platform by submitting inspiring design images. One can use this platform as a source of inspiration due to its huge and diverse creative resources. Additionally, there are lots of boards pinned specifically for logos designed by logo designers all over the globe.

A simple ‘logo’ or ‘logo design ideas’ search on the website will lead you to a ton of numerous designs you can scroll through. You can like the ones that are you or follow your favorite designers and get notified when they add new designs.

Instagram is another online social platform for sharing and liking images and currently hosts more than a billion users. It provides you with a feed of popular images from your friends and favorite artists. For logo design inspiration, one searches for ‘logos’ or ‘logo design’ and your feed automatically gets populated with thousands of logos to inspire you. Here you can also follow your favorite accounts that post the best images or follow the following logo inspiration accounts.

@logoarchive — The account is run by Richard Baird, who is a brand identity designer. The account studies the form and meaning/making of logo design. The great thing about this account is that the logo designs are simple and clean with no fluff! and pure form!

@logoseum — This account is run by designer Matt Cobrin. The designs are simple and abstract and there are credits for designers so that you can follow the ones you love.

@logopassion — This is an aggregate account with a wide range of design styles. There are also YouTube links to videos of logo creation processes. is a newly created website that features the best of the best website designs, logo designs, and UI/UX styles. Its main purpose is to showcase the evolving styles and tastes in web design and award the best performing in different categories.

There are lots of logo designs and you can also see how the award-winning websites apply their modern, well-designed logos to create a positive impact on the user interface. Furthermore, this website contains advice on how to design attractive and inspiring logos for your brand and examples of the most attractive logos in the online industry.

Inspiration Grid is a nice website and a creative showcase for various design projects. Think of it as an online magazine that celebrates creative talent from around the world.

They have a dedicated logo section but also showcase many areas of design including branding, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion and many more.

Think of Dribbble as a leading showroom for the world’s best design professionals to showcase their creative work. There are countless beautiful examples of branding logos on this platform to inspire you to build your own. There are also tutorials on how to go through different design processes together with podcasts advising on design variants.

Their blog is an awesome place to get advice on modern design patterns, typography, customer preferences, and examples of well-designed logos.

Dribbble features top designers every week and you can hire them to help you with your design projects. There are also features from different studios and you can use their ideas and build upon them to get the ultimate logo for your brand. The platform has teams for large projects.

Behance is an online platform that features art from different creators and aggregates it for everyone to see. There are numerous categories of artistic images such as photography, graphic design, 3D art, UI/UX, product design, and advertising. There are a ton of logo images to inspire your design and a community of designers ready to help you with your design project if the need arises.

Behance also features a live-stream mode where talented designers get to show you the creative development process for different designs.

This is a color and image search engine to help rediscover the artistic talent in you. Here you can create, edit, and share mood boards. A simple ‘logo’ or ‘logo design’ search brings up hundreds of images for your inspiration. Designspiration credits each of its images with the creator’s name making it easier for you to track down your favorite creators.

The best feature of this website is the save feature, where one can save their favorite designs.

Vintage Logos is a section of Flickr that’s dedicated to vintage logos. The website has a gallery featuring submissions from various artists. It also includes design tips and tricks to build the perfect vintage logo.

If your brand deals with vintage items, this is the website to go for.

Abduzeedo is a collective of individual writers sharing articles about architecture, design, photography and UX. Founded by Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso in 2006, it’s particularly strong on 3D work, which is something that doesn’t get much attention from most design blogs.

It features a nice branding section which features some really great work you can draw inspiration from.

Logospire is a logo inspiration gallery populated by creative designers who want to showcase their work. The logos are tagged with the designer’s name so that you can spot them in-case you need their help on a project. This site has some nice gems laying around which would be beneficial for a potential brand owner.

Design Week has a great branding section that covers the latest news, analysis and opinion on visual identities, rebrands and logo design, covering many fields and industries.

The Brand Identity is created by fellow brand identity designer Elliott Moody, who is also the author of The Process book we have reviewed.

The website aims to empower and support the graphic design industry. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in graphic design, especially brand identity design, as the website features the best brand identities from around the world.

Logoed is a single-page archive. Its sole purpose is to showcase beautiful logos in their simplest form. The website has a rather simple vertical scroll that makes it very simple and extremely easy to navigate through the site.

As you progress through the site more images will load automatically, then simply click on each of the thumbnails for more information on each project and a wider selection of images.

The World Brand Design Society (WBDS) is an international community and its mission is to highlight exceptional corporate brand identity design and packaging while bringing knowledge and the design community closer together.

The aim of WBDS is to promote the practices of the industry while supporting students, professionals, and agencies encouraging further dialogue, celebrating their creativity, bringing people to the forefront and presenting their work on a global stage.

Logopond is an inspirational website that aggregates design work from designers across the world. This site has a large population of logo designs. Its best feature is showing the most trending logos which places it among some of the most useful logo inspiration sites.

Logo Design Love is a logo design blog by brand identity designer David Airey who we had the pleasure of featuring in one of our early designer interviews. David is also the author of the book Logo Design Love, Work for Money Design for Love and Identity Designed.

The Logo Design Love blog focuses on the creation of visual brand identities, and the stories behind the world’s most recognisable logos. The blog is great for learning about famous logo design and the process behind it.

Identity Designed is another one of David Airey’s blogs with the aim being to showcase visual identities from around the world. What’s great about the site is that the projects featured are hand selected by David himself so the quality of the design is exceptional as it’s being created by talented design studios from around the world.

Create by Adobe which is the inspiration section of Adobe Creative Cloud covers a range of design industries including illustration, photography, video and UI/UX, but our favorite section is the Graphic Design section and covers everything graphic design related including logos and brand identity design.

It’s definitely full of creative inspiration!

Creative Review has been bringing the creative community together since the 80s, and they bring opinions and analysis to life in the creative industry. The website celebrates the work of creatives and dig into why it’s been created.

Creative Review shares insights and inspiration across discipline and borders, connecting brilliant minds to make brilliant things happen. The creative inspiration section of the website is full of inspiration and company rebrands you’ll love!

I’m a firm believer that inspiration comes from within. It’s nice to have these websites to entertain us, but to be honest I don’t rely on them to provide me with inspiration.

Don’t go searching for “Where To Find Logo & Branding Design Inspiration, use your mind first to get all your ideas down on paper with some logo design sketching. Whenever you have an idea that stands out and appeals to you, capture that thought with a quick sketch and notes, then search to validate you have some unique ideas.

Let the logo idea inform your design process and contribute to it and the logo concept will start to evolve.

Sketching is a great way to get your ideas out of your mind and on to paper for you to visually see them, and it’s part of the process known as the ideation exploration stage.

Don’t overthink things, or complicate this part of the process. Let your mind wander freely, let creativity flow unguided to start with, it’s just rough sketching and not refined drawing, and that comes later when you take the concept forward.

By the end of this, if you don’t have pages full of pointless sketches that you know you will not use, then I’m sorry to say you have not explored enough and you still have stones to turn over!

Everyday life and our experiences is more than enough to spark brilliant creative ideas. My advice is to look beyond the obvious and cast your net far and wide into the ocean of the unknown you’ll be surprised at what will land in your net.

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