The watercolour design trend — How to use it as a designer

The watercolor design trend — What is it?

  1. Digital watercolor effect: Here, you use various colors of your choice and create patterns to reflect the effect.
  2. The actual use of watercolors: Here, you go old school and paint on paper using actual watercolors. Then, you scan and digitize your art!

The watercolor design — tips to use it in your design

  1. It is all about keeping the balance in colors. Since watercolors are generally subtle, you may want to go light. However, if your design concept asks for dark and vibrant colors, go for it, but make sure you achieve the balance. The colors need to blend in well and bleed through. Otherwise, you will fail to get the said effect.
  2. Be careful while choosing your colors when you are using more than one. The combination has to be right. Picking out different shades of the same color is the best idea. If you don’t want to do that, open the color wheel and pick colors that are beside the main color. This will ease the blending and bleeding process, and nothing will stick out uninvitingly.
  3. While we are on the subject of choosing colors, we would also like to tell you that you must never choose more than 3 colors for the watercolor effect. 3 is the upper limit and if you can do with just 2 or 1, always go for the lower number. Less is always the best when it comes to watercolors.
  4. Don’t chase perfection! Yes, we all grew up trying to achieve perfection in everything we do, but you can make this one thing an exception. With watercolors, the beauty lies in the nature strokes and the imperfections. The most outstanding designs are usually not too refined. The aim is to be natural here, and perfection is generally not natural!
  5. Use an assortment of brushes! Whether it is on paper or on Photoshop, try using multiple brushes to find the right fit. This will depend on the result you want and your comfort level. So, there’s no right answer here. Try and test. Choose brushes that you love!

How and where can you use the watercolor effect?

When to use paper




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