Stages of Developing an Identity Design System

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2 min readMay 17, 2021


In this article we discuss the Stages of Developing an Identity Design System.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a philosophical concept that includes everything (what, how, and why) a business does. A brand identity system is a collection of matching elements to communicate the brand’s personality.

It includes verbal and non-verbal ways of communication. Visual branding is the face of the brand, it is the cover and the top layer. Along with verbal communication, they create the experience and style of the brand.

Similar to people’s personal styles, you can and will judge the brand based on its visual and verbal communication.

You judge, categorize and try to understand the book by its cover and title, and people by their clothes, hairstyles, and ways of speaking. The same thing happens to brands each time they reach an audience.

Why is Brand Identity Important?

Brand identity’s goal is to create an accurate impression of what the brand is. This is done in order to reach the desired target audience.

The goal is to differentiate the brand from others and convince customers to choose their products and services over others.

Brand identity can drive sales and create loyal customers when it is done well.

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