Rebrand vs Brand Refresh vs Redesign: 4 Signs That You Need to Update Your Logo

Rebrand, Brand Refresh, and Redesign: What’s the Difference?

Best Logo Rebranding Examples of Recent Times

Signs that You Need to Update Your Logo

  • Your logo doesn’t correspond to your brand values
    Your logo should reflect your brand values, explaining what your company stands for. However, there are many businesses that don’t have a clear concept of their brand values. Therefore, their whole brand identity is weak, and their customers cannot associate such a brand with anything in particular. Your logo design is the most important part of your brand so it should be connected to your core values. Properly chosen fonts, symbols, and colours can help customers build the necessary associations.
  • Your brand faces an identity crisis
    Quite often, small businesses try to create a new image when they start a new project. Even though such an approach may seem simple, the truth is that it can only prevent your brand from further development. We suggest that you think of your long-term goals and embrace the fact that your brand identity should steadily evolve with you. Your logo creates the first impression of our brand identity, and the first impression is what always matters. If your customers notice that your brand image no longer reflects your message, you will lose them quickly. Don’t forget to consider everything that features your brand identity: your website, advertisements, vehicles, coffee mugs, etc.
  • Your logo doesn’t fit with marketing materials
    As your company evolves, the overall aesthetics of your brand may change. Sometimes, companies feel the necessity of refreshing their brand, changing some colours or fonts, and then realise that their logo doesn’t work well with some of these improvements. Given that your logo should be the key element of your identity, it must determine the direction in which the overall concept goes. However, if the overall look changes significantly, it may turn out that your logo must change as well. You should be proud of your logo, and you should feel comfortable when using it within your marketing strategy.
  • The shape of your logo no longer fits your needs
    For example, your logo may be too big for a header on your new website, or it may look bad in your mobile app. In this case, you may either redesign the logo to make it more universal, or you can create an alternative in order to use it for those specific purposes. You may want to choose the second option if your logo isn’t completely outdated. However, it’s important to make sure that the alternative version of your logo is similar to the main version so that your audience won’t be confused. The best way to be consistent with your logos is to create a distinctive symbol.




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