Level Up Your Logo Design Skills

Research, Research, Research!!!

Creating a Mind Map to Get Ideas Out Quickly

Create a Mood Board To Help Gather Inspiration

Your Best Friend is a Pencil and a Sketch Book

Adobe Illustrator is For Designing Logos…Not Photoshop!

Design Logos In Black and White

Reflecting The Logo

Running Out Of Ideas? Don’t Force it! Take a Step Back and Relax!

Size Really Does Matter!

Logos Should Have Meaning

Don’t Confuse Designing a Logo With Branding

  • A logo also is known as the visual identity — Identity is a systematic package of illustrative devices that a business entity makes use of to convey information about its brand. These visual devices could be a logo, fonts or even a color system. Visual identity or visual identity system. So identity has to do with how your brand looks to your target audience. Being consistent also allows your target market to create or form a memory structure about who you are as well as what value you offer to them to make their lives better or happier. This is all part of the visual identity that showcases your organization to your audience.
  • Branding — A personal connection, relationship that your organization or product has with its target audience or market. A brand condenses the most important features of the existence of an entity and translates its uniqueness to consumers. Brands (and the act of helping curate a brand: branding) are for building credibility and trust over a period of time with its premeditated target audience. It is a relationship that lives on. In a few words, a brand is your company’s “personality.” A brand, however, is earned, not made. It is the reward you get for building real and passionate relationships (which is the foundation for creating and delivering value in the marketplace today) with your target market over time.

Keep It Simple not Simplistic

Colour Meaning

Using Lose and Tight tracking

Letter Tracking

Selecting Fonts

Logo Grids

Logo Grids
Logo Grids

Logo Function

Walker & Sons Master Logo Design and brand identity design

Horizontal and vertical logo positioning

Logo Lockups_ ak Financial by The Logo Creative

Accept Client Changes and Critique



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