How to Use LinkedIn — Tips for Advanced LinkedIn Users

How to Use Linkedin — Effective Tips for Job Seekers

Why is Linkedin so important?

How to use Linkedin to find a job?

  1. Use the Linkedin Search button in the Jobs tab — just indicate the vacancy title and run the search.
  2. In the Linkedin timeline/ profiles of recruiters — in addition to published vacancies, recruiters and headhunters publish vacancies on their Linkedin pages. So check them!
  3. In dedicated groups — for example, in Procurement job groups (# 1 in Career, Recruitment, Headhunting, HR, Finance, Managers, Marketing & Trends), there are 91.5 thousand registered participants. And 3 thousand Linkedin users are registered for Retail Jobs UK. Business Support Network UK boasts of 19.9 thousand participants.
How to Use Linkedin - Tips for Advanced Linkedin Users

Do not neglect references on Linkedin

How to Use Linkedin - Tips for Advanced Linkedin Users

Must-have’s of LinkedIn profiles

How to use LinkedIn with the maximum benefit?

  • Post updates regularly — These can be useful links to other resources, links to your site or product, articles published by you, etc. But remember that LinkedIn is a network for professionals, so do not clutter up your timeline or fill it with unnecessary, non-topic information.
  • Participate in discussions — Any article or status update implies the possibility of commenting. Use this excellent occasion to discuss the latest news with colleagues, to demonstrate your knowledge of the issue, to keep abreast of industry news, or make new acquaintances.
  • Report career changes on Linkedin on time — Even if it seems to you that these are unimportant, it may turn out that a person will simply see that you quit your job or complete the project (LinkedIn sends notifications) and will send you a job offer.

Top 5 tips for creating an effective Linkedin profile

  • Use recommendations — After a successful collaboration with a client/ employer, do not hesitate to ask satisfied customers or colleagues to leave feedback in your profile. This is a good sign for potential employers; use this great opportunity to showcase your benefits and strengths.
  • Confirm the skills — All LinkedIn users’ profiles display a list of their skills. They can be confirmed by clicking the Explore button next to each. Make use of it: it takes only a couple of clicks and is considered a good practice to send a confirmation in response. This way, you will get activity on your page.
  • Keep in touch — Be sure to respond to all personal messages and do not be afraid to initiate communication yourself. For example, if a recruiter or an HR of a company added you to the contacts, it makes sense to write a personal message to the one in order to get to know each other better, ask if any additional information is needed, etc. Even if there is no immediate proposal for cooperation, you will be noticed and remembered.
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