Elements Needed for a Comprehensive Brand Identity Design

Every human being is different from the other and everyone has a very unique and distinctive identity. Similarly, each brand is different from the other and the reason why one brand sells more than the other is the ‘Brand Identity.’ It is the most important factor which sets your brand apart from the rest and influences the marketing and the sales of any business or brand. In this article we discuss Elements Needed for a Comprehensive Brand Identity Design.

Brand identity has never mattered more than now when the marketing has spread worldwide. The competition is relentless and the stakes are really high in the brand identity design game.

No matter how wide the whole landscape of designing may seem; everything spirals down to a few basic elements that make up an all-inclusive design that sets a brand apart from its competitors. The most essential elements needed for a comprehensive brand identity design are discussed below:


  • Coherent Communication: A Logo should express very clearly what your brand means and what it is about.
  • Simple, Clean and Uncluttered: Clear and precise designs are always eye-catching and remain a classic choice. Uniformity is essential to a logo design
  • Make a Deep-rooted Impression: Choose the right color combinations, and lines and curves for your logo so that the final piece would leave a deep impression on the audience’s mind.


A Woodmark should have the following attributes:

  • Professionally designed
  • Professional Typeset
  • Can stand alone
  • Be part of the logo

Key Colours

Some of the basic things you need to remember when it comes to the key colours of your logo:

  • Simplicity — One to maximum three colours are best. (Google is exceptional)
  • Primary Colours — It is best if you go for primary colours
  • Be Unconventional — If you are bold enough, play with some additional colour palette of secondary colours.
  • Tints and Hues — You can always go for a variety of bold, bright, cool, pastels; whatever complements your brand.

Typographic Faces

A few things that should be considered where typography of a logo is concerned:

  • Simple Fonts — Fonts should be simple and readable.
  • Uncluttered –Stick to two fonts maximum and try mixing contrasting ones.
  • Size & Alignment — Size matters. Having the right size and length is important for legibility. The text should be aligned to the left for easy reading.
  • Character Limit & Caps — 60 characters per line without hyphens is great. All-caps is a complete no-no too.

All these rules are important but if you want to break them, you need to learn the ropes first and then beat the system.

Bank on Graphics

Here are some important tips with regard to graphic elements:

  • Create a Graphic Bank — Create your own bank of graphic designs, templates, icons, and imagery, etc. Premade Templates and designs are copyrighted and you are not permitted to use their imagery everywhere.
  • Hire a Professional — The problem arises when you try to design on your own without having ample experience. A professional designer is proficient at what he or she does. They also have the right tools and an aesthetic for design that you may lack.
  • Cohesive Look — Professional designers can provide you with a cohesive look for your brand identity but don’t compromise until you are truly satisfied with what you are looking at.

Discussed above are all the fundamental elements needed for a comprehensive brand identity design. Of course, there are more factors and they are always evolving but these are the basics that can truly help you create your identity and presence across various platforms including social media.

Learn Logo Design Online - Logo Design Master Class
Learn Logo Design Online - Logo Design Master Class

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