Content vs. Design — Which Should Come First?

What is the Role of Content?

What is the Role of Design?

Why Content Should Come First?

Content Creates a Structure for Design

A Content Strategy Provides the Big Picture

Content First is More Convenient

There’s No Marketing or Business Without Content

Why Design Should Come First?

Design Creates a Structure for Content

The Content’s Efficiency Can Be Boosted by Brilliant Design and UX

Some Content Demands Design First

Content & Design Together as One — The Perfect Solution

The Non-Linear Approach is the Best

You Need a Fused Team

Plan Your Content Ahead

Exceptional Content is Essential

  • Information that is easily digestible, expressed through short and concise sentences.
  • Articles/blogs that convey a message effectively, that solve problems and satisfy needs, and that help readers improve their lives one way or another.
  • Videos that inspire and motivate the viewer, videos that are comprised of powerful emotional cues delivered by images or acting.
  • Infographics that inform and educate the target audience, providing extremely practical advice.
  • Valuable information that is beautifully structured and organized.

Great Design is Key

What is a great design?

  • Branded layout — a web designer is responsible for developing the layout of the website. Great designers who understand and acknowledge the company’s culture will be able to show it through their design choices.
  • Content — compelling content that is placed in the right places is an important component of good web design.
  • Color — what will the color of your design transmit? The psychology of color is an important factor that designers must take into account.
  • Font — another important issue that needs to be discussed and established once and for all.
  • Visual elements — from photos to videos and graphics, your design must be comprised of high-quality elements that enhance the message of your content and brand.

You Can’t Have Design Without Content and the Other Way Around



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