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In this book review article, we will be taking a look at Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic a book that has been on my to get and read list for so long now I just had to send for it. I contacted Radim and asked if he would sign our copy for us which he did, so I would like to thank him once again for signing our copy of the book.

Wasting no time as soon as it came I polished it off within a few days and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it I literally could not put it down until I finished it. Well, you know what I mean… I did need to break off from it from time to time to run the business and get on with client work and content creation but every spare moment I got it was in my hands. A book I will definitely be going back from time to time.

Book of ideas by Radim Malinic is what he describes as the diary he never had, I think the idea behind this book was to provide inspiration and ideas to the reader hence the title of the book “Book of ideas.” And it does exactly that!

The book is just absolutely beautiful packed full of colour, in fact, the use of colour in the book is out of this world!

It’s a beautiful showcase of Radim’s work over the years including an engaging collection of his observations and musings spanning a vast range of topics within the creative industry. He has creatively crafted a book that not only showcases his impressive portfolio of international work and clientele ranging from WWF, USAID, and Harry Potter to Dolby.

But the main power of this book is that it also tells a visual and very insightful story of his career. The book was self-published by the lively and very highly experimental creative director himself.

Working under the name Brand Nu, this multi-disciplined designers career spans a wide range of creative areas such as Web development, typography, digital illustration and Music videos. Showcasing such a crisp, clean and vibrant style.

It’s a very refreshing read that includes beautiful work, inspirational thoughts and in Radim’s own words

“every chapter is a memo from the diary I never had” each section throughout the book offers a gem of professional insight, accompanied with striking imagery and a compilation of everything he’s learnt throughout his career including advice about productivity, facing your fears to finding happiness in your work to conquer creative block.

What else could a passionate designer want form a book!

This book is a highly visual, personal and reflective account of an industry that any creative, at any stage of their career, will no doubt find both inspiring and entertaining. If you’re craving depth and fine detail about the how and why then this book is probably not for you. It’s like a journal providing a highly visual, and yet personal and reflective account of Radim’s story, experience and personal journey in the creative world.

You will discover advice about finding happiness in what you do and how to keep those ideas fresh and taking a leap of faith and surviving in the creative field.

There’s plenty of motivational encouragement too: “Take an idea, turn it upside down and see what you can discover. You can never predict where it will take you, but along the way, you might turn dust into gold.”

It’s a fantastic book well worth purchasing and having on your bookshelf better still on your desk as a daily source of inspiration for Radim’s version of the design world.

Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic

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