A brand is the greatest asset for every business. It showcases who you are and brings you to the limelight. The brand acts as the first impression you leave in public. It’s the face of your business that people can initially perceive. So, When Is the Right Time to Rebrand?

Just like any other business asset, your brand needs to be well maintained. After all, corporate branding holds a vital role in building perception among customers.

When people highly associate your brand with a particular situation or solution to a problem, that’s how you know you’ve succeeded in building a…

Superb web design is an essential element of an ecommerce website. There are a lot of details that are often overlooked yet are critical for the success of your online store. In this article we share some Key Tips & Tricks for Designing an Ecommerce Website.

Remember that a solid design is the quickest way for your ecommerce website to make a good first impression. It has a direct impact on how much longer visitors are going to engage with your online store and products, and eventually how much they are going to purchase.

This shows just how important all…

From ABCs to sketching, most of us have given our best to learn and become better at what we do. Logo designers are not the exceptions. In this article we share 6 Deadly Creative Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

As the competition grew, logo designers made sure to diversify their range of skills. Certainly, the core skills include sketching, typography, colour psychology, and an eye for art.

However, we as designers have ensured to excel at clear communication, analytical observation, and technical skills with time. Well, is that the extent of becoming a creative logo designer?

Perhaps, perhaps not.


The logo of a brand has a significant impact on the brand’s image. It decides how successful the business shall be in the future and draws its target audience to itself. In this article we discuss Ways in Which You Can Spruce Up Your Brand’s Logo.

A good logo always piques the interest of people and spurs them into action. That is why businesses that have long-term growth on their mind always invest in a graphic design team or outsource their work to a graphic design firm so that they can create them an appropriate logo for their brand.


When it comes to getting your next smartphone, one of the biggest and sometimes the most challenging choices that you will face is whether to invest in an Android handset or an Apple iPhone. In this article we look at iPhone Vs Android — Which One Is Best for You?

It’s not always a simple decision since both offer a range of excellent features and in some cases, it might seem that they’re basically doing the same thing.

However, a closer look into these two popular choices of smartphones may reveal some key differences that will help you make the…

It’s clear that providing good customer service should be expected. But going beyond that can help your freelance business thrive. In this article we discuss How a Freelancer Can Provide Exceptional Customer Service.

It can be easy to excel at this compared to most freelancers, by changing the way you think about your role. Here are some areas to think about:

Immerse Yourself

You aren’t there to throw up another generic landing page for a hot start-up. You’re there to increase engagement, attract more visitors or increase conversion.

Once you get out of the “do what I’m asked” mentality and into the…

When it comes to branding a business, the power of storytelling is such an effective strategy in building a brand. Storyategy by Matt Davies is a great book to help unlock the power of your brand with a story-based brand strategy. Check out our book review:

Using stories across your brand is such a powerful way of communicating your messaging and meaning in a way that is a lot more effective and memorable than advertisements explaining features and benefits.

I was super excited when the book author Matt Davies sent me a copy of the book as it’s been on…

In this article we discuss the Stages of Developing an Identity Design System.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a philosophical concept that includes everything (what, how, and why) a business does. A brand identity system is a collection of matching elements to communicate the brand’s personality.

It includes verbal and non-verbal ways of communication. Visual branding is the face of the brand, it is the cover and the top layer. Along with verbal communication, they create the experience and style of the brand.

Similar to people’s personal styles, you can and will judge the brand based on its visual and verbal communication.

Designer Interview With Dan Foster

Designer Interview With Dan Foster a lettering artist based in Leeds, UK.

He works with design agencies and directs clients from around the world on all manner of lettering and type-based projects — ranging from custom logotypes, brand marks, type design, packaging projects, book covers to anything that requires meticulously crafted bespoke lettering.

He started out as a designer working in branding and packaging, but was never really satisfied.

A small change in branding on the packaging will elevate it to new heights. In this article we discuss Why Establishing a Consistent Brand Experience Needs Customization?

Packaging always comes as an afterthought at the beginning of a company. Several other factors of brand development need focus, from web design and marketing strategies to maintaining an efficient supply chain.

However, ignoring the packaging deprives you of a golden chance to shape the brand image. E-commerce companies usually have fewer consumer touch-points than brick-and-mortar businesses. So, it is crucial to use all the open prospects!

Before a consumer sees and embraces…

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