No matter what type of business you run, your customers are the backbone of your company. In this article we discuss How to Build a Stronger Brand Thanks to Your Customers.

Without customers, you wouldn’t have revenue or a reason to work from day to day. If your brand is weak, your patrons can help you build it into a powerhouse.

It takes 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion of your brand based on interactions with your website or your store. You make an impression faster than you can open your mouth and say hello to your customers…

A logo or brand mark speaks a million words. In fact, a logo is the very identity of a business. People are more likely to remember a company or brand by its logo instead of its name. In this article we discuss Ways to Present a Logo Design to Clients.

The logo appears almost everywhere — on business stationery, their products and services, offline and online ads, apps and websites to name a few.

Therefore, the task of a logo and brand identity designer is to create an appropriate logo that people will find easy to identify and connect with…

The main objective for a business is its growth. There are several forms of growing business development. Should businesses outsource their services, or should they expand in-house? Should companies increase their services? In this article we discuss Growing Your Business Through Outsourcing.

Outsourcing services are described to balance as the “classical use of external resources to carry out operations that are usually touched by existing employees and resources.

Why Outsource Services?

Here we listed different reasons, including outsourcing services.

  • A reduction in rates
  • Improving the company’s approach
  • Inner resources have been allocated for vital purposes of the enterprise.

There are conditions for effective…

Customer engagement fosters healthy relationships between consumers and the brand. In this article we share 5 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Customer Engagement.

It is important because it lets you show how committed you are to your client and how valuable their opinion is to your business. For marketers like us, customer engagement is the key to establishing trust and creating a lasting relationship with clients.

So with that in mind, we discussed some of the strategies that you can use to improve your brand’s customers’ engagement.

Use social media to have a dialogue

One of the best platforms to build good PR and improve customer…

You cannot underestimate the power of a logo and the ability it can have to influence someone to use a service or purchase a product. Of course, they also have the power to do the opposite. A poorly designed logo can make a company look amateurish and repel potential customers.

Some logos are purely functional and others are almost small pieces of art. Some companies fiddle with their logos over the years at great time and expense, and other companies have such iconic designs that you couldn’t imagine them ever being changed.

Some industries lend themselves to great artistic freedom…

In this article we discuss User Personas and Why It’s Important to Know Your Ideal Customers.

Businesses today are more focused on digital trends that are going on more than anything else, and there is nothing wrong with that as digital marketing is very impactful and has changed the transition of many businesses.

It offers many useful variations related to business efficiency, productivity, and, most importantly, business agility by improving sales channels.

The issue is that there are still many businesses that still don’t know who their target market is, and targeting anyone that will take notice which is a…

Whether you’re planning to expand or you’re building a startup, you need a brand strategy that will help you compete better within your market. In this article we share 5 Tips for Building a Rock-Solid Brand Strategy.

Brand-building requires careful planning, and you need to maximize the time and resources that go towards it to come up with a blueprint for raising brand awareness and engaging the needs of your audience.

To help you with this, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Align your plan with your goals

Everything you do in the brand-building process is based on your business’s overall objectives. …

Your business logo is a crucial part of your branding. It is used to ensure customers can identify your brand with ease and to help you stand out among the crowd. In this article we share 5 Things a Unique and Memorable Logo Needs.

It is crucial to ensure that your logo is unique and sticks in the minds of customers. Here are a few of the things that any logo needs to be memorable:


You should aim to ensure that your logo is simple and uncluttered. This will make it memorable and easily recognised by customers. …

Let’s imagine a wonderful site created with a great website builder. It was developed over a couple of years, following all the technical and marketing strategies for rapid growth. But then something went wrong with the site. In this article we share 7 Most Crucial Security Problems of Common Site Builders Which You Should be Aware of and How to Fix Them.

If you wonder which tools are best when building your website, check here a list of solutions that were recommended by reliable sources. So, the website works well, this business attracts more and more customers every time. …

In this book review we will be reviewing Brand Fix by Kady Sandel, who also took part in our designer interviews if you would like to learn more about how the author got started in her design career.

When Kady had the idea to write the book she contacted me and asked if I would like to read it when it was finished. She sent me the book when it was first released which was a while back now but I have finished my second read through of the book.

I don’t normally read a book twice but there are…

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