5 Things a Unique and Memorable Logo Needs

Your business logo is a crucial part of your branding. It is used to ensure customers can identify your brand with ease and to help you stand out among the crowd. In this article we share 5 Things a Unique and Memorable Logo Needs.

It is crucial to ensure that your logo is unique and sticks in the minds of customers. Here are a few of the things that any logo needs to be memorable:


You should aim to ensure that your logo is simple and uncluttered. This will make it memorable and easily recognised by customers. Good examples of unique and straightforward logos include McDonald’s and Nike.

It can be tempting to make your logo intricate and detailed to show your business’s different facets better. This is understandable, but ideally, you should leave that to other areas of your branding and marketing strategy.

Your logo needs to be catchy and give an initial good first impression — selling your brand comes in later.


The logo may need a splash of colour. While black and white logos can be memorable, you may choose to use bright colours instead. The colours you choose can say a lot about your company. Yellow can indicate playfulness and fun, red can be great to portray passion, and blue can show seriousness.

Give some careful thought to the colours you will use in your logo and ensure that they match your business tone and branding.


A unique design is essential for any logo. Many businesses choose to use a branding and design agency to design their logos. As professionals, this type of agency can draw on years of experience creating memorable logos, so your business could benefit significantly from their expertise.

It is worth doing some research into the types of agencies out there. Rebus is an excellent example of the knowledge, experience and creativity you should be looking for in a branding and design agency.

You are safe in the knowledge that your brand design is in the best possible hands.


Your logo should be timeless and versatile. You will be using your logo for years or decades if your business is booming, so ensuring that your logo will stand the test of time is crucial.

While trying to make your logo in line with current trends can help for initial success, it can become dated in five or ten years. If your logo becomes dated, you may need a total rebrand in the years to come.


Your logo will be the face of your brand and business. While you could consider choosing a logo design that simply looks attractive, it could help to ensure that your logo has a story behind it.

This may be something that only you, as a business owner, would recognise. Still, it will make more of an impression on customers than you may realise.

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