5 Stories Which Prove That A Great Logo Can Be Created on A Budget

Logos are an essential part of any company’s identity as well as their brand awareness campaigns. A lot goes into factoring the elements of a company’s logo and the niche of that particular business is the most important factor to consider. In this article, we give you 5 Stories Which Prove That A Great Logo Can Be Created on A Budget.

Many companies blow their budgets by getting top agencies that cost a fortune for something that could be better cost-effective by hiring a professional logo designer. However, there are companies that don’t choose to go through this and decide to make their logo on a budget which never really goes well.

Surprisingly, some of these companies are very popular. Here are 5 stories of well-known companies that prove that a great logo can be created on a budget.


Perhaps you are using a Microsoft powered machine now to read this and you are part of the billion people crowd who use it every day. Microsoft generated millions of dollars per day and their logos are one of the most well-known logos in this lifetime.

Its founder Bill Gates is a practical man who views the world in the same way and has proven this with the logo his company is using. For sure this logo has developed much from its early years and has started to look much better than what it was.

The new and improved logo used on all Windows devices was created at a very low budget of $0. Yes, you read correctly, this well-known logo design was developed completely free of charge.

Microsoft didn’t outsource their services to a generous third-party company but instead, the logo was developed internally. They held a contest among their employees for them to brainstorm and come up with a logo that they would use. So then, the flying window was adopted and then was redeveloped to the static colorful window icon you see today.


Owning a Nike sneaker, t-shirt or other clothing garments with Nike’s swoosh logo on it is something millennials do without even noticing. It is a very popular brand that most people fancy because of its simple design with a strong slogan sometimes that says “Just do it”.

The swoosh symbol has been part of this company from 1971 and was created by an outsourced graphic designer student, Carolyn Davidson, hired by Nike.

She was paid $2 an hour to design this logo and the total budget that spent on reimbursing Carolyn was $35. So, with only $35 the well-known Nike trademark was designed and then later used by the company.

The logo was initially red but it was then changed to black and white, which promoted the sales of this company by gaining more recognition.

Yes, that’s how some of the logo designers started their career and then zoomed to popularity in no time. If you are a student designer, try various online platforms where you can showcase your talent.

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Coca-Cola, one of the world’s biggest food and beverages company and a brand that some of the population can’t go without, developed its initial logo in May 1886. Coca-Cola’s logo was first designed by the founder of this company Dr. John S. Pemberton. It is uniquely captivating because there are no icons or symbols in it, the logo is symbolic on its own.

The logo is also well-known now and it’s one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Well this logo, just like Microsoft’s was also initially developed for free of charge. The name Coca-Cola was brought up by the bookkeeper of Dr. Pemberton, Frank M. Robinson who contended that the two C’s would look beautiful for their advertisements.

Robinson was so right! The use of the two C’s makes it beautiful and easy to identify. However, the company has redeveloped its logo from having a black and white logo for newspaper advertisements, they now have a bright red cursive written logo. This logo with no icon remains one of the most famous trademarks in the whole world.


Google, a company that offers many different services like search engines, mail service provider, cloud storage, file sharing, etc. has a very colorful design. The logo design encompasses many different bright colors, making it bright and vibrant.

Just like other, this logo has been redeveloped a number of times since its conception and initial implementation as Google’s face. The costs of this design also amounted to $0 just like Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

However, the logo has been colorful ever since it was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin which also only has words on it and no icons or symbols.

The logo has had different variations and most of them were mainly related to the font used on the logo. Other aspects were also changed like the shadowing of the letters, removing the exclamation mark and the colors were also rearranged with each redevelopment.

Still, the logo hasn’t changed much and this is always a reminder that this free logo is part of what made Google popular.


Twitter with more than 100 million users was not even called Twitter at first, it had no vowels in it so it was spelled out “Twttr”. That lame name, later on, had a pretty lame logo too, it was snotty green that was everything but beautiful.

Fast-forwarding to today, the bluebird with the words “Twitter” next to it is one of the most favorite logos amongst young people. The social media giant, Twitter, developed its logo with only $15.

They bought this logo on a design website which was submitted by Oxley, who designed the bird. To make things even more interesting, Oxley only received $2 for the efforts and time he used to design that logo.

Twitter got a great bargain on this deal as most people recognize this symbol from almost anywhere, especially on the footer of most websites.


These great stories are an example that a logo can be created on a budget and still catch on. So, you don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars paying for a graphic designer to do it for you. You can develop it yourself or if you aren’t that creative you can ask your employees to compete and use the best-designed logo for your branding purposes.

We hope these 5 Stories Which Prove That A Great Logo Can Be Created on A Budget has been interesting, and be sure to leave your comments below.

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