5 Best And 5 Worst Logo Designs You Could Have Imagined

  • First, a logo design catches your attention from the very first start. Instead of using intense advertising to grab the public’ attention, you could as well want to opt for creating your own logo.
  • Second, your logo will make a strong and lasting impression upon consumers. According to Tailor Brands, the first impression communicates ownership over one’s product, making customers and investors aware of who’s in charge of your products.
  • Third, visuals are always a catchy way of making people interested in your brand. If it’s visual, it stays in your memory. If it stays in your memory, there’s a high chance you will — at some point –buy it.
  • The fourth and last point I will make is that your logo will make your company stand out from the crowd and thus raise awareness of your brand. A logo is the signature of your firm, it fosters brand loyalty, and gives the audience exactly what they need (which is, as you might already know it, a feeling of belonging).

Top Five Logo Designs and Why They Rock


Apple Logo Design


Fedex Logo Design


Mercedes-Benz Logo Design

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Logo Design


Nike Logo Design
The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook

How About Learning from Their Mistakes?


Verizon Logo Design


Doughboys Logo Design

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Logo Design


Pepsi Logo Design

A-style Clothing

A-Style Clothing Logo Design




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