10 Most Famous Celebs with a Serious Gambling Addiction

Famous people are always under attentive surveillance of their fans. Particular stories have always been searched for, especially when it comes to remarkable stars’ bad habits. Today we are going to focus on another threat of the twenty-first century — ludomania and celebs with gambling addictions.

This is not the type of content we normally publish but to help spread awareness of how serious this addiction is, we look at how it has affected some celebrities very seriously.

Theoretical Introduction

The disease under analysis is an obsession with the need to do certain things despite the adverse consequences of a medical, psychological or social nature. A lot of “contestants” lose the real idea of the money value. The problem is that they want more and more and are not able to stop on the achieved results. Withdrawal symptoms are also present. They may be not so physical, but several mental adverse aspects occur:

  • Mood swings from aggression to depression, etc;
  • Insomnia;
  • Replacement of one craving to another — the increase of alcohol consumption.

Coming back from theory to practice — who are those celebrities with gambling addictions? Stay tuned to find out!

Tiger Woods

The audience is acquainted with the VIP as a trained golf player, but he wears divergent masks. Among his vices, wagering difficulties are usually mentioned. He is a risky participant: the expenditures of over $25 thousand are far from a limit for him. Las Vegas MGM Grand even banned the hero to invest more than $1million.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell

Female leading performers are included in the list of icons who suffer from such issues, and this skilled writer is not an exception. The woman invests a lot of funds on the hobby. However, she is rather successful in the pursuit. According to European Poker Tour statistics, the writer became the first female to get that title in 2006. More than two million pounds is a common price of her winnings.

Charlie Sheen

Fans love the actor for “Spin City”, “Young Guns”, “Anger Management”, and several other projects. Unfortunately, he isn’t just one of the celebs with gambling addictions: this sort of misdemeanour turned into a true disease.

The actor’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, highlighted the spouse’s gaming issues to the public. According to her, Charlie could spend around $200 thousand per week on this activity. Whenever journalists ask him if he got rid of the weakness, the answer is always positive. The fans may just rely on his words.

Michael Jordan

A good friend of Tiger Woods, the sportsman has a long history of laying odds. He confirmed the difficulties he faced back in 1993. The guy realizes the problem and has considerable squandering. Once, he invested more than $150 thousand for taking hazards and did not succeed. It has not become half the battle for the enthusiast though: the being is still actively playing poker and is not likely to ever stop.

Not surprised by his losses? Another defeat on the venture field costed him $1.25 million.

Tobey Maguire

A leading actor in Spider-Man films, the personality could not stand the temptation to check his luck. Tobey was sued because of illegal poker participating. Like some other celebrities with gambling addictions, he managed to achieve high good upshots in the sphere. His struggles have brought a total of $10 million.

Floyd Mayweather

Another athlete with a penchant for risk, the boxer could expand around $400 thousand on a bet. That known maximum was spent on college football stakes. The price reached around $3 million. There are a lot of rumours as for the man’s difficulties, but his ex-wife approved some of the “black” biography facts. The woman claims she was forced to give her former lover $700 million for his stake passion.

Charles Barkley

The basketball player has confirmed his struggles with betting. In his interviews, the sportsman informed the audience that he could pay out $700 thousand during weekends.

Want to be shocked more? The luck is far from the perfect-match descriptions of his relations with stake efficiency: a single night was enough to lavish $2.5 million.

50 Cent

This famous person with gambling addiction has projects in different spheres. Apart from being a rapper, the individual has deals with scriptwriter, director, entrepreneur affairs. The big names in the music can boast of shooting in over ten outstanding films.

The performer is also a known sports-betting enthusiast. The sums he wastes on this hobby are enormous. Once, the luminary placed a bet of five hundred thousand dollars on the football event — NY Giants and SF 49ers competition. This experience was successful.

Gladys Knight

The way she was informed about her cravings may seem unusual: the writer mentioned that in her autobiography. The Empress of Soul fought the illness for nearly ten years.

Ben Affleck

Apart from actor talent, this famous person with gambling addiction is distinguished with his special passion for blackjack. His skills are so professional that the star received a victory in the California State Poker Championship held in 2014.

Mr. Affleck is a lucky dog: the Oscar-nominated director managed to win $1500 in twelve minutes once. The luminary was frequently suspected of fraud and counting cards though. That is why he was banned from playing games at land-based slots like Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino forever.

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